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Van Lier Ankle leather burgundy boots with lace up

Van Lier Ankle leather burgundy boots with lace up

SKU: 017
Ankle lace up boots in deep Brown burgundy size 10 and a 1/2 leather sole with rubber protection 
Widest point measures 5" 
narrowest point measures 3"
Opening is 5" L x 3 " W
13" toe to heel

200 years of Van Lier


1815 – 1865
Shoemaker's apprentice Goyert van Lier signed up to the patent register, where he also registered himself two years later as a shoemaker, producing home-made products. He sold his shoes door-to-door. When Goyert died, his widow and son Jan took over the business.
1865 – 1915
The Franco-German war and the First World War made the business flourish: there was a huge demand for soldiers' boots. Jan was succeeded by his son, Goyke.
1915 – 1965
Despite fierce competition, the crisis years and import restrictions, Van Lier opened a footwear factory which used electric motors, which underwent significant expansion at a later stage. Goyke's sons worked with him in the business. The Second World War resulted in temporary confiscation of the building and the building took 36 direct hits during the liberation.
1965 – 2015
The business was passed down to Jef and Peter van Lier. In 1991, the current owner, Geert van Spaendonck, acquired Van Lier. The company became the market leader in men's footwear in the Netherlands.




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