Business Vision

My business vision since the launch of my first store in 1994 has always been about offering guests an innovative design space with access to the latest trends and expertise in fine haircutting, coloring, makeup, men’s grooming, skincare and repurposed vintage fashion style.

My 3rd & last brick-mortar NYC storefront was a store share. For seven years I emptied out in January moved back in after tax season.

At the time an affordable option in gentrifying lower east side. The tax lady  retired and turned the store lease over to me. The space was officially my full time location. 


Due to the sudden sale of the building  all the businesses on the block were given notices to terminate premises in 30 days.

I  came to the rude awakening that maybe the good ol days of  being a  shopkeeper was no longer sustainable in Manhattan.

I decided it was time to turn my next vision into a reality. A business idea I'd been sitting on since 2005. My boyfriend, dog and I headed out on a road trip in search of a vintage trailer. A mobile glamper salon/retail store was the obvious solution.

This woud give me the freedom to reach customers on location in any neighborhood. All the while sidestepping unexpected vulnerabilities,real estate bubbles,rent surges, blackouts, storm flooding.

I find that introducing city dwellers with the luxury of doorstep salon and retail services in an authentically curated 70’s interior feels like a vacation in the woods. Clients walk away with a memorable beautification and fashion retail experience.

I hope to expand this vision into a fleet of specifically themed mobile boutique salon space streamlining service with an app to book appointments,follow us on a real time map, live stream fun events. Engage with customers by providing them with a special experience.


I look forward to celebrate 25 years as a woman owned NYC business. Bring it on !

Paying it forward

Since 1992 I’ve been actively recruiting local NYC mostly high school students offering good paying part time jobs and mentorship. Building direct connections with kids who may not otherwise have the opportunity to run a business prepares them for success in their careers and in life. Using my connections to source materials gives them the opportunity to create a competitive fashion collection for admissions. I provide hands on guidance with their college application process and stand in as their “Tim Gunn” offering portfolio feedback,free fabric,materials and sewing machines. When the collection is complete we pull it together with hair,makeup and a photo shoot. Clothing items have been featured in my etsy, ebay,squareup shop for customer purchase.