Victorian style navy blue jacket with gigot sleeves

Victorian style navy blue jacket with gigot sleeves

Victorian Jacket with gigot sleeves made of a poly cotton blend Jacket measures 25" from collar to jacket edge 
Waist 35" 
Chest/Bustline 38" 
Arm width just under pouffed shoulder rufffling 12"
Pouffed shoulder 26"
Neck is 16"

 During the #victorian era many modesty #jackets resembled this #victorianstyle #vintage piece with wide puffed #gigot #sleeves. Back then in order to hold the fabric out in a large balloon shape whale bone  strips were sewn into the sleeve. For very large gigots, padding and hoops were used to keep the shape of the sleeve. All these additions made it hard for women to use their arms, or even to enter narrow doorways. All for the sake of #fashion lol!!

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