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Motorcycle Jacket in Red w blk velvet detail

Motorcycle Jacket in Red w blk velvet detail

Enz’s. Mariann Marlowe designed this fabulous one of a kind mc jacket back in the 90's . Fits medium .

14"around arms
24"Arm length
34" bustline 
13" zipper length 
15" shoulder to waist hem
Try ons welcome by appt .Marianne Marlowe known for her famous boutiques sells fashion for the pinup, rockabilly, and burlesque entertainers.When she opened over 35 yrs ago  at the time she was hanging with Sid and Nancy, getting inspiration from Malcolm McLaren. Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Bette Midler . The store, which also had locations on St. Marks Place, the Upper East Side, and in the Hamptons, is now at 125 Second Avenue.
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