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Proraso Shaving Brush made in Italy
  • Proraso Shaving Brush made in Italy

    The professional Proraso shaving brush is made with natural bristles. Their length and stiffness have been specially designed to encourage the best soapy lather and to delicately, yet energetically massage the beard.
    Before use, wet the brush with hot water: the bristles will swells and hold the soap better. Apply the soap in the bowl or onto the face with circular movements to prepare the skin and beard for shaving. When you've finished using the brush, rinse it under running water and shake, squeezing the bristles, to remove any remaining water. Store the brush with the bristles facing downwards. The brush's bristles are natural and you may, on the first use, smell a mild odour that will disappear after a few uses.
    The brush's bristles are made of natural material.
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