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DeJur 8mm Projector

The DeJur-Amsco Corporation of Shelton, Connecticut, and later Long Island city New York, was founded in the 1920s by Ralph and Harry DeJur.

The company's earliest patents relate to variable capacitors condensers that were used in radio tuning circuits.

Later, the company traded in photographic goods, and made some of their own. DeJur also sold office equipment including copiers and dictation recorders.

The company was eventually sold in 1974, when Ralph DeJur retired.

The company was well-known for cinema equipment, enlargers and exposure meters.

These meters were made in the USA.

Research I did on the company DeJur says they did manufacture some of their equipment, or at the very least designed them.

DeJur-Amsco also imported a variety of cameras under its own brand, from companies including Neidig and Tōkyō Kōgaku ,Topcon.

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