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Earthday fashion reseller insider insights

I've been a reseller of used vintage and designer clothing since 1994 in NYC. As a full time hair and makeup artist I always felt it was important for any small biz in nyc to diversify. I'm glad I did. As mandated closures permeate during the Corona Virus pandemic it's more important than ever to cover all your bases by adding to your income stream.

With unprecedented unemployment I find there's been a huge uptick in reselling.

I first started noticing this trend happening with larger companies onboarding, stay at home moms and young tech savvy hipsters. Seems everyone is tapping into extending the lifecycle of fashion.

Although the marketplace is indeed becoming more saturated it's important to carefully and methodically brand yourself from the very start of your reselling journey!

Also, you must bear in mind this is not a get rich quick industry. Reselling can be an excellent way to make a extra income and also help reduce waste. However, truth be known it's definitely a labor intensive hands on business!

There are many platforms out there for resellers of all kind .Personally my biggest retail successes have been on Ebay. fashion friends in closing what better way to celebrate our earth by #recycling #reusing #upcycling your unwanted fashion and make some extra money too! #ourchoicesmatter #earthfriendly #earthday2020 #sustainablefashion #fashionbusiness #fashionbrand #businessoffashion #groomingroom #lisafiorentinohairandvintage


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