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Lisa Fiorentino Groomingroom Hair & Vintage n.y.c. Hair Trend Forecast 2023

For quite some time my bookings for womens haircuts have been primarily focused on current trending wolf haircuts, french bobs, and bowl cuts .Late summer through the holiday season things started shifting . Wayback hairstyling requests and a return to lengthy glamour vintage styling sessions starting trending bigtime. Since these looks are right in my wheelhouse as a niche hair artist I was happy to oblige. The go to sleek knotted chignon updos were being replaced by varied vintage up-do's .

In this series I crafted a classic beehive that's not a matronly old school shellacked look, but rather tousled and modern. I start the style session with copious amounts of Kenra boosting spray foam then proceeded with a roller set, placed her under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes on high heat and set the dial to cool for an additional 10 minutes. Finish the style by teasing and smoothing the hair with Kenra Finshing Spray for maximum hold

I feel that the rebirth of Hollywood starlet elevated hairstyles are a great opportunity for niche hair professionals to show off those intricate technical styling skills we labored over in beauty school and cultivated throughout our careers.

Face framing kiss curls , snatched and lifted ponytails, top knots, and what I refer to as city buns (ballet buns) are more user friendly up-styles that anyone can pull-off.

Many of the throwback up-styles I craft are too complex to execute for DIYers. This definitely sets my business apart . Speciality hairstyling is making a comeback. It's nice to be riding the hair trend wave ~~~~~


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